Why Rent?

It’s easy to find out whether you can own your own home, rather than paying high rent every month to someone else.

It really is easy.

You simply need to fill out the form on the last page of this site, and we’ll guide you through everything else. In fact, you won’t even have to get up from your computer.

Once you’re set up, every property in the Calgary area that matches what you’re looking for will be emailed to you right from the MLS – before the most people even get to see it. If an agent posts a property at 1:00AM, you’ll get an email at 1:01AM letting you know that there’s a new property for you to view!

How’s that for easy?

Here are some things you should know:

  1. We can help.

    It doesn’t matter if you know a little, a lot, or nothing at all about home buying. We are here to help, and have successfully helped hundreds of people in their home buying process. In fact, we’ve transacted in more than $100,000,000.00 in property. So be confident that if there’s a way to get you a property, we can do it.

  2. It’s not a difficult process to buy a home.

    Your first property is a big deal, but it’s not as difficult as it seems. We have helped many, many people in your exact position. You don’t have to research home-buying until you are an expert, you don’t have to understand what makes one home better than the next, and you don’t even have to know what you can afford. Let us help you through it all.

    Rest assured that you are in good hands. In fact, CLICK HERE to see what some of our past first time buyers have had to say!

  3. You’re losing money every day you wait.

    When you pay rent to someone else, you’re essentially paying someone else’s mortgage for them. And that property you’re paying for (but that you don’t own) is generally growing in value every day.

    Even when the market has a down cycle, the trend is always upwards.
 For example: Calgary’s average house price was $187,500 back in 2000, and as of December 2015, it was $523,000. That’s over 7% average growth per year. FOR 15 YEARS! Even with all the recessions included! That’s CRAZY! So why are you waiting?